What Our Customers are Saying About

Baby So Right

"Baby So Right is the best way to keep your child’s pacifier handy and clean. Every time my daughter spits out her pacifier it hits the ground getting dirty and full of germs. Baby So Right not only saves me from constantly picking up and cleaning my daughter’s pacifier, it also makes my daughter happy by keeping her pacifier always within her reach. Every baby should have Baby So Right. It’s a life saver." - BEATRIZ VILLA



"Baby So Right is the perfect baby shower gift. It’s unique and is always a big hit. Once all the other moms see how it works, they want one too. My only regret with this product is they didn’t make it when I had babies!" - ADA SMITH



"My name is Algernon Hamilton. I am a big sports fan, and I enjoy watching my favorite football team whenever they play. The Baby So Right product has allowed me to relax and enjoy watching games again. In the past I had to pay close attention to my son due to him always dropping his pacifier instead of enjoying watching my team. Now that I have the Baby So Right pacifier, life has become much easier. My games are no longer interrupted by a dropped pacifier that I have to pick up and wash off. Now I can enjoy my games without interruption while my son enjoys his pacifier." - ALGERNON HAMILTON



"I absolutely love the Baby So Right retractable pacifier holder! I am a Child Care Director and my teachers and I spend a lot of time picking up dropped pacifiers. We also have to sanitize them every single time they’re dropped. This product is a dream! The pacifier retracts back to the holder, which means no more dropping to the floor. The retractable holder also helps children develop their fine and gross motor skills. It enhances their eye-hand coordination on top of providing sanitation. This product is Awesome!" - KIMBERLEY JONES