About Us


We invented Baby So Right - the world's first retractable pacifier holder!

It’s the only pacifier protection system that actually prevents dropped pacifiers from hitting the ground and picking up germs and viruses. As we like to say, they’re retractable leashes that protect pacifiers from contractible diseases.


Our patented auto-retracting leash pulls dropped pacifiers safely into a holder before they hit the ground. Adaptable to any pacifier brand, just clip it to your baby’s clothing or attach it to our flexible wristband and you’re good to go.

And because the pacifier never hits the ground it won’t pick up any nasty germs and viruses that could be lurking there. What’s more, you’ll never again have to stop what you’re doing to pick up a dropped pacifier and clean it off.


If it's on their pacifier, it's in them!

Pacifiers are germ magnets. Streptococcus, Influenza, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumonia, these are just a sampling of over 40 germs and viruses researchers found on used pacifiers - many of which were resistant to antibiotics like penicillin. So where do all these germs and viruses come from? Research from the University of Arizona shows bacteria on shoes transfers to floors 90% of the time. And another study by the Hygiene Council found kitchen floors in front of the sink contain more bacteria than garbage cans.