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A Pacifier Holder Unlike Any Other

Unlike tethers and self-closing pacifiers, Baby So Right prevents ground contact

Patented auto-retraction system safely and gently returns pacifier to holder

Stops pacifier drops so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to pick up and clean them

Prevents transmission of over 40 germs and viruses frequently found on floors

Adapts to fit every pacifier brand

The perfect baby shower gift

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"...Baby So Right not only saves me from constantly picking up and cleaning my daughter’s pacifier, it also makes my daughter happy by keeping her pacifier always within her reach..."


"Baby So Right is the perfect baby shower gift. It’s unique and is always a big hit. Once all the other moms see how it works, they want one too. My only regret with this product is they didn’t make it when I had babies!"


"... This product is a dream! The pacifier retracts back to the holder, which means no more dropping to the floor. The retractable holder also helps children develop their fine and gross motor skills. It enhances their eye-hand coordination on top of providing sanitation. This product is Awesome!"


Don't Let Your Baby's Pacifier Go To The Dogs!